Once Upon A Time At The Adelphi

17th February 2017
The Silver Tassie
18th February 2017

Music by Elliot Davis and Phil Wilmott
Book by Phil Wilmott

Once Upon A Time At The Adelphi ran at the Liverpool Playhouse from the 28th June through to 2nd August 2008.

This was a specially commissioned piece for the City Of Liverpool during it’s 2008 City Of Culture Tenure.

The show was written and directed by Phil Wilmott with the music co-composed by Elliot Davis who also did the orchestrations and vocal arrangements, he also conducted the show.

The show is set in two time periods, the 1930’s heyday of the Adelphi Hotel when is hosted major Hollywood stars and this is contrasted with a modern day setting of the Adelphi.

The show starred Julie Atherton, Simon Bailey, Neil McCaul, Natasha Seale and Helen Carter.

For licensing the show please contact Elliot Davis — elliot@elliotdavis.co.uk