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22nd February 2017
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By Elliot Davis & James Bourne

It’s 1971. Misfit computer geek Michael Dork and his friends are about to change the world. It’s just that no-one knows it yet. Michael’s also discovered a girl, Holly, a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary. If only he had the courage to talk to her! The World Premiere of Loserville, a new British musical by Elliot Davis and James Bourne that takes geek to a whole new rock-pop level.

Along with Michael’s sci-fi obsessed, social-misfit friends Lucas, Francis and Marvin, Michael fights to get computers taken seriously in a world of typewriters. When Holly turns up at school all of Michael’s dreams seem to be coming true – at last a girl with looks and brains that actually notices him. But when rich kid Eddie discovers Holly’s dark secret, he turns his back on girlfriend Leia, and sets about to ruin Michael and his friends’ future dreams.

New British Musical Loserville, written by Elliot Davis and James Bourne, (member of pop-rock bands Busted and Son of Dork), smashes onto the Quarry stage this summer in a musical mosh-up about dating, binary and staying true to your dreams – no matter what the odds. Steven Dexter directs this original musical where for once the geek gets the girl!

Loserville – if you can’t predict the future…invent it.

The YMT production of Loserville played at the West Yorkshire Playhouse 16 June – 14 July 2009

For further details of the show please contact Elliot Davis — elliot@elliotdavis.co.uk

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